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This new pop-up in Alexandria will satisfy your cravings for bagels and pickles

Salt | Bagel, a collaboration between Bagel Uprising and Number 1 Sons, will run for six weeks at the old Dairy Godmother space. 더 보기..
THE WASHINGTON POST 2017-01-21 02:30:27

Hain Celestial forms joint venture in India

Company bringing brands such as Terra Garden of Eatin and Earths Best to India 더 보기..
FOOD BUSINESS NEWS 2017-01-20 23:45:00

Slideshow: New menu items from Taco Bell, El Pollo Loco, Burger King

New menu items cut out carbs and place protein in the spotlight 더 보기..
FOOD BUSINESS NEWS 2017-01-20 23:30:00

PepsiCo, Nestle among companies in sustainable food program

The Kellogg Co Groupe Danone and Unilever also join FReSH the Food Reform for Sustainability and Health program 더 보기..
FOOD BUSINESS NEWS 2017-01-20 22:53:00

Joselito review: Just the right amount of Spanish, on Capitol Hill

FIRST BITE | Chef David Sierra shows off his chops on medium-size plates in this SER spinoff. 더 보기..
THE WASHINGTON POST 2017-01-20 21:30:27

Nestle to acquire Egyptian instant coffee company

Caravan Marketing Co sells coffee under the Bonjorno brand 더 보기..
FOOD BUSINESS NEWS 2017-01-20 20:42:00

환경위생기업 세스코, 고객사 초청 ‘식품안전관리 전략’ 세미나 눈길

     종합환경위생기업 세스코(공동대표 전순표 전찬혁)는 지난 17일부터 19일까지 3일에 걸쳐 ‘2017년 식품안전관리 전략’을 주제로 식품제조업, 유통업, 접객업, 집단급식업체 식품위생관리 담당자 240여명으로 구성된 고객 초청 세미나를 성황리 마쳤다.세스코 식품안전교육센터에서 주관한 이번 세미나는 2017년도 식품안전관리 주요 시책 및 법령 제개정 내용, 식 더 보기..
식품음료식문 2017-01-20 20:40:33

Target names chief marketing officer

Prior to joining Target Rick Gomez held several roles at PepsiCo Quaker Oats and MillerCoors 더 보기..
FOOD BUSINESS NEWS 2017-01-20 20:38:00

This Wine 'Guzzle Buddy' Will Help You Cope With Trump's Presidency

While some are turning to pictures of cute puppies or kittens to cope with the reality of President Trump, others are picking out their marching shoes or protesting the Inauguration.  If a glass of wine or two is your go-to method of dealing with unfortunate events, there’s an accessory that will make pouring a drink just a little bit easier. (Because, you know ... it’s so hard to pour a glass of wine?) Introducing the Guzzle Buddy, a relatively new device that lets you pour the wine straight into your mouth. For just $29.99, you too can begin to ease your Inauguration ... 더 보기..
THE HUFFINGTON POST 2017-01-20 20:09:07

Police Looking For Man Who Stole Two Pizzas Dressed As Beer Bottle

&& This thief is a real pizza work. A man in South Wales was caught on camera stealing two pizzas while dressed as a beer bottle. The saucy surveillance pic was taken New Year’s Day at a Papa John’s Pizza in Barry, South Wales. The unidentified pizza thief entered a staff-only area, grabbed two pies and left without paying, according to Barry & District News. Luckily, it doesn’t look like he took any “dough.” It might seem easy to track down a giant Heineken bottle, but like a beer that’s been open for six hours, the search seems to have gone flat. Authorities ... 더 보기..
THE HUFFINGTON POST 2017-01-20 19:35:45

Arca to open Bokados snacks plant in Mexico

Will be companys third production facility for snack brand 더 보기..
FOOD BUSINESS NEWS 2017-01-20 19:00:00

무표시 원료 사용 들기름 섞어팔다 들통

     제조된 곳과 유통기한이 전혀 표시되지 않은 들기름이 다른 제품과 섞여 유통된 것으로 드러났다.식품의약품안전처는 경북 경산에 소재한 식품제조·가공업체 동보식품이 자신의 회사에서 만든 들기름에 제조사와 유통기한 등이 전혀 확인되지 않는 다른 들기름을 섞어 제조 판매한 사실을 적발하고, 해당 제품을 판매중단 및 회수 조치한다고 20일 밝혔다.회수 대상은 유통기한 더 보기..
식품음료식문 2017-01-20 18:40:32

롯데주류, 국내 최초 농가 상생 와인 ‘마주앙 영천‧영동’ 출시

     롯데주류가 국내 최장수 와인 브랜드 마주앙(MAJUANG)의 신제품 ‘마주앙 영천’과 ‘마주앙 영동’을 출시했다.이번에 선보이는 제품은 영천 영동 지역의 우수 와인 원액만을 선별하여 블랜딩한 국내 최초의 농가 상생 와인이다. 롯데주류측은 지역 경제 활성화에 이바지하기 위해 지난 40여 년간 국산 와인 ‘마주앙’을 생산하며 축적한 와인 양조기술을 활용해 국내 더 보기..
식품음료식문 2017-01-20 18:31:08

This Toaster For Bacon Is Just What You Need Right Now

Maybe you’re groaning about Donald Trump’s speech, weeping over Michelle Obama’s last outfit, or still racking your brain as to WHY Kellyanne Conway chose to wear a bizarre coat of cats. But no matter what ails you on this Inauguration Day, we’ve found the cure: This brilliant bacon grill. According to its makers, you simply open it up and lay your meat on... ...then wait a few moments and watch your perfect, crispy bacon emerge.  The Bacon Express is technically a grill, but it looks more like a toaster, as Gizmodo points out. The gadget has a built-in grease catcher for easy cleanup, and its arched grill structure ... 더 보기..
THE HUFFINGTON POST 2017-01-20 18:29:48

유업계, 국산 유제품 수출 확대 마케팅 시동

     올 들어 국산 유제품의 해외수출 확대를 위한 유가공업계의 행보가 시작됐다.한국유가공협회(회장 정수용)는 19일 협회 회의실에서 2017년 우유 유제품 수출확대를 위한 첫 전략회의를 갖고 지난 1년간 수출사업의 문제점을 진단하고 대책 방안을 강구했다.협회 회원사 수출담당자들이 머리를 맞댄 이날 회의에서는 올해 유제품 수출확대를 위해 총 40억 원의 예산을 투 더 보기..
식품음료식문 2017-01-20 18:22:45